Scrying Mirror Kit $60.00

Black Mirror with crystal frame, journal. pen, candle and holder, lighter, PDF scrying reference

All in custom hand made locking box. 

​​​Esoteric Kits For  Sale

Tarot Card Kit $100.00

Pictorial Key to the Tarot BookTarot Journal, 78 Card Deck, Candle & holder, 13 Stones, Velvet Tarot Bag, Tarot Cloth,  and locking Vintage Box 

Ocean Alter Kit $150.00

Ocean Witch Kit*  Tarot Cards, cloth tarot bag, selenite drift wood wand,  Sea Shell Goddess, God, & Spirit Votive Candle and holder, Athame, bell, chalice, Shell water & salt dish, Journal, fountain pen, Cauldron, feather,  sage, lighter, and large table cloth.

All in custom made locking box 

*some item differ than in the photo (better items)